Got shit done. Caught a little head balanced the stupid fuckin budget, it aint no thang.
Got shit done. Caught a little head balanced the stupid fuckin budget, it aint no thang...
by Logan December 12, 2003
the first African american president of the united States
Not since Bill Clinton have we had a Blck president.
by Jason October 15, 2003
da first "black" president
ay yo u seen clinton? he went and moved to harlem.
by keynah September 11, 2003
Is infact one of America's better Presidents. Bill Clinton is also one of America's luckiest presidents being that he came into office after Regan and Bush who played a major role in cleaning things up, only to take heat for it leaving Clinton in a very good position. However, Bill Clinton still is also a good President. Who gives a shit what he does in his sex life.
Bill Clinton is married to Hilary Clinton. I'd let a fat chick blow me too if I were married to that.
by Taintfuck September 24, 2004
The word used during sexual intercourse, Oral sex, orgasm in general.
Yes...thats it..YES, YES, YES, Dont stop!!!! Dont Stop!!! uuuuhhhhhh Ahhhhhhh...

How was it hun? It was Bill Clinton style.
by Jon June 05, 2003
Best president of last 40 years, helped economy, was cool, and was a normal person, he actually had sex. Too bad the original George Bush was impotent, so was Reagan
Jacques Chirac is no Clinton!
by Patriot April 23, 2003
Clinton may not have been that great, but he was WAY better than bush Sr. or Jr.
Clinton is kind of a dumbass, but he's better than Bush. Bush is a complete dumbass.
by Philip Smith June 11, 2005

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