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To feel vomitous, absolutely sick with it.

The paralysis triggered by the need to reach a bathroom to be sick, coupled with the impending threat of premature vomitation - the fear of never reaching the bathroom and royally disgracing oneself.
MAN: How are you feeling? You look a little under the weather.
WOMAN: I feel sick with it. Absolutely bilious.
by ChimPantsZee January 04, 2012
A black and white wookie often found in the depths of DC++, it is credited with the inate ability to sense 1MB of porn within a 10TB mainframe.
Distant Noise: "MWAAAAAA!"
Dr Dan: "What is that sound from afar?"
Coppa: "It is bilious sounding out his ewok mating call"
by glloyd June 13, 2008