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A substance produced by the liver which helps seperate fats into tiny droplets in the small intestine.

Your liver produces bile.
by Jafje May 10, 2007
What you hurl when you have the stomach virus and you have an empty stomach. Also feels like horrible torture coming out.
When he had the stomach virus, he threw up so much, he started hurling bile all over the place.
by JayMayKah501 January 21, 2012
the act of biles-ing something.

to travel a short distance and acquire something that was not yours, but now is, because it is in your possession.

may also refer to biles points, which are unlimited, never expire, and are only valid at stoppy.
Dude 1: hey man, how much was that vitamin water?
Dude 2: oh i'm not sure, i just went into aisle 8 and bilesd it.

Hey are you hungry? I was thinking of using my biles points and grabbing some brownie bites for back here.
by DDays274 June 26, 2011
bile has nothing to do with the stomach. it is secreted by the liver, stored in the gall bladder, and then sent to the intestine via the common bile duct.
bile obstruction can be a dangerous disease.
by davey January 27, 2005
car, short for "automobile." Rhymes with peel.
"I gotta take my 'bile into the shop this weekend."
by el_yotcho January 30, 2007
A kickass Industrial Rock Band, formed in New York. Their most popular song "In league" is featured in the movie Strangeland, written, produced, and starred in by Dee Snider.
Bile is the most kickass band ever
by *~*LAuRa*~* January 09, 2006
A shortened form of the name 'Bill' or 'Billy.'
Bile Pitche had a chile-bowl, and wore Billy-Pones.
by Raagers October 18, 2004
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