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A fat hobbit of the shire who found the ring of power by the hands of gollum in the goblin caves.
"Ay! Top of te morning to ye, bilbo baggins!"
by PaulJar the Pornostar December 01, 2003
79 63
n. The sexual act of placing one's firmly gripped testicles into the anus of a willing, usually male, other.
Anthony just did a Bilbo Baggins to Justin's freshly prepared hobbit hole.
by JPA4LIFE December 12, 2004
153 105
The act of shaving ones pubes onto the floor next to your bed, and then inviting a lady friend into said bed. After vigorous thrusting, upon climax, ejaculate on said lady friends feet. On leaving, her sticky feet will contact your pube laden trap; thus completing the bildo baggins.
"sorry I'm late for work, I got bilbo baggins'd this morning."
by tweedhouseboys February 02, 2014
4 4
a four way t-bagg
John, Bob, Chris and Scott had a Bilbo Baggins.
by Froto Baggins October 10, 2008
25 28
a cigarette, a way for people to disguise the word fag without being found out..

By Izaac && Luke
bilbo baggins for faggins...

ite bruv, coming out for a bilbo..

obviously the term must be known
by SpArKzZ && DeMoNzZ August 19, 2009
17 30
When receiving oral sex from a dwarf while performing a bowel movement.
I declined going to the after party, I really had to use the restroom and the cute dwarf with the Santa hat offered to give me a Bilbo Baggins.
by Half-Bottle November 26, 2007
25 38
A phrase used to indicate approval
That stuff is really great...Bilbo Baggins
by Lalise March 16, 2008
16 30