To raise one's legs in the air spread eagle and ask: "Gotcher bilbo?!?"

This must be done by a guy to another guy. It is considered pretty gay.

Oh man, I got bilboed so bad. I will never walk into a bilbo like that again.
by Frilbo Fraggins November 07, 2008
Used for the word dildo but only ever used by gays or prudes, but never hardcore lezzes as they have shaved heads and GI in front of their name, therefore obviously not a virgin. They are also confused with German Women
Gay:Can we get a, y'know a Bilbo
by AshMaHomieHater February 21, 2005
1.a stay at home dad
1.That woman over there brings home the bacon because her husband is a bilbo. (snickers heeh hee)
by mista mandalicious March 04, 2005
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