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Burger I'd Like to Bang.

A burger so sexy and delicious, you'd contemplate having sexual relations with it.
Dude, that burger I got last night with a fried egg, bacon and cheddar-- it's definitely a BILB.
by Burger Days April 29, 2011
Bilbs travel in packs and are likely to tour.
Bilbs on Tour!
by Grilby September 08, 2010
fanny batter./lip smegma/curtain residue. basically, the build up of discharge in the vagine whilst having sexual intercourse or other such activities.word most commonly used up North.
to bilb: all over me.
by CharlottePiaskowski April 23, 2008
Jolt elite Admin.
Bilb my server is down help me please
by Bilb February 23, 2004
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