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An friend who, upon learning how to ride a motorcycle, gets a very nice outrageously fast motorcycle, and refuses to let the guy who got him into bikes ride it. The friend must have also agreed to let you ride the bike at a previous time, and then back out when you show up with your helmet.
Bike guy 1: Hey bro, nice Repsol 919r!
Bike guy 2: Thanks man.
Bike guy 1: Mind if I take it around the block?
Bike guy 2: Sure man, stop by the shop tonight.

Later that night;

Bike guy 1: Hey bro, brought my helmet, can I get them keys?
Bike guy 2: Nah, I've changed my mind.
Bike guy 1: Damn bro, thats cold, don't be a bike nigger.
by shortstar July 28, 2010
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