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Rich or exclusive in form or taste, used in weathly circles in LA denoting awe.
May derive as a referance to the exclusive Bijon's on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
A man walks by with an amazing suit and a bystander utters ...bijon..
by SammysCamera September 07, 2006
Adjective: Very interesting, exciting or new.

Synonyms: Rad, Tubular, Excellent
Grand Theft Auto was pretty bijon, but Halo2 is TOTALLY bijon.
by Chip November 18, 2004
In Gears of War, when a person is roadie running up to you, shoots you with the shotgun, and continues running almost without stopping.
"HOLY SHIT!! That dude just pulled a Bijon on me!"
by Jefghi September 13, 2007
A word synonymous with loser/freak. This word describes an individual who is lonely and finds comfort in talking to himself. A bijon is a social status lower than emo (yes there is such thing).
Hey, you wanna go pick on some bijons?
by Dijon Mustard May 10, 2005