large tits dd cups ( 4-hook backstrap bra )
Babe U have some real nice big uns !!!

Let me hook ur big uns bra. Last hook is hard to get.
by itichie_nocanpo July 24, 2006
Top Definition
Large Breasts - (Big Ones)Popularized by Al Bundy on Married With Children was also the name of a fictitious magazine on that show.
Damn! She's got some Biguns
by Gunnyman August 01, 2006
Contraction of the words "Big One"

A large, heavyset woman who does not realize her size so she walks so heavily that the ground shakes.
Damnit! The Bigun must have returned home!
by MacWolfGrubs March 20, 2011
big un: a girl that is big or overweight. cane from the magazine big uns. but big un translates to a girl that is just big! and not a girl with big uns (breast size)
look at that girl crossing the road (fat) shes a big un
by big Lance August 07, 2006
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