The act of fighting over the bill when finishing a meal.
"Let's stop bighting, we can go dutch."
by RKCCZ217 September 27, 2012
Top Definition
A combination of goodbye and goodnight, usually used to end a text conversation before either or both members go to sleep.
Jack: I have to go get some sleep, bight!
Jill: Bight!
by skunkisdead December 15, 2011
deviant form of bit, much cooler on the street
Goodnight Heath, I'm just going to look at some more kilobights before i sleep.
by the you know who May 13, 2005
a fight that mainly consists of biting; never in a sexual manner.
Mike Tyson is a champion bighter.
by Varun & Zach April 11, 2010
similar to prude, but very different.
someone who is bight would not do things with random people, but they would go pretty far with their boyfriend/girlfriend.
ashley shut down the 7 guys at the bar, but went home and sucked off her boyfriend, making her bight.
by ladybearrrrrr December 07, 2008
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