A God trapped in a mans body. That God happened to be Buddah, but the best fucking flowing rapper ever.
Biggie Smalls Rest In Peace.
by Travis Johnson June 20, 2003
As well as referring to the famous rapper, "biggie" also refers to the Bigg Market, a drinking area in Newcastle, England. Late night revellers frequent this den of iniquity with playful abandon, enjoying drink, kebabs, and regular arrests.
Charver: "Let's gan to the biggie"
Other Charver: "Aye, sound"
by Bonny Lad2 January 12, 2006
1. Brittish slang for feces(this explains why they do not have Wendy's in the U.K.)

2. A combo size at wendy's
apparently some Brittish folk would be confused about Biggie, as in Feces,and Biggie as in Biggie Fries.
by Light Joker March 30, 2004
motherfuckin rap phenomenon

if you think tupac is the best ever and you actually listened to his shit then peep who shot ya

tupac died first and i think we all know why
fuckin wit BIG it aint safe
by jr June 25, 2004
had sumpin ta say:
I'm a fatass motherfucker
each eye doing it's own thang
bitches still want me
it's all about the wang

peace out
by meemoe catchur October 21, 2003
Term derived from "big guy" which became "Bigguh" and then finally "Biggie" which is also in homage to Biggie Smalls.
Hold up, biggie.
by Matt May 29, 2003
biggie="player" after money
tupac=always was
biggie=rap only
tupac=many other arts
puggy :)
by cheech September 02, 2003

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