Putting one armrest up very high on a co-worker's chair, while lowing the other armrest all the way down. The perfect time to do this is when a co-worker gets up to leave or go to the bathroom. You should harass the person until they realize the arms at at different heights.
Dude, I gave Jamie a Biggie Smalls 3 months ago and he still hasn't noticed!
by Dirty Don November 19, 2007
Rapper that is dead (BIG SURPRISE). Big in the 90's with hits like Hypnotize. Sippin' on booze at House of Blues.
On Halloween Night, if you go into your bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror while saying "Biggie Smalls" three times, he will appear out of the depths of Hell and shoot you in the face.
by UpperGreens September 02, 2007
AKA Notorious B.I.G AKA christopher wallace!!!
Please welcome Biggie smalls!!
by ichangetheworld August 02, 2010
When a penis is small when soft, yet grows considerably when erect. Or when a large man unpredictably has a small penis.
"I have a Big Sean, Derek has a Lil Wayne, and Mark has a Biggie Smalls"
by Naboo Zanzibar July 26, 2012
A girl that has one titi bigger then the other titi.
This chick showed me her titis and one titi was bigger then the other titi so we called the bitch biggie smalls.
by Ko-Jak July 10, 2008
A mark ass bitch that tried to diss the one and only 2Pac, the greatest rapper of all time. To say someone is a Biggie Smalls is to say they are a fat piece of shit, good for nothing cheese faced bitch.
Tupac Shakur: Biggie Smalls and Junior Mafia are some mark ass bitches.
by J-Bra June 24, 2009
why holla love tha tu pac joke
move out the way yall biggie smalls just got droped
by i hate you too December 05, 2003

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