A show on Nickelodeon that is one of the worst to come out, out of the recent shitty shows airing lately such as Zoey 101 or Jonas. It is about four flaming butt pummelers that somehow form a band even though they play hockey and do not sing. They get hired by some fat bald guy that will probably die from heart disease in a year or two and they have wacky anal adventures as a gay "Boy Band". Honestly this shows not watchable. *WARNING*: This show is not for people who enjoy comedy or are straight as it contains bad jokes, stupid show plots, as well as gay anal butt sex as soon as the cameras turn off.
Gay guy #1: Hey did you see Big Time Rush last night!

Gay guy #2: How could I not, I love when they wear eyeliner while they shove microphone stands up each others ass

Straight guy: Oh god, Im gonna throw up
by adfhdf March 17, 2011
Nickelodeon's attempt at creating a "Jonas"-like show, it's more watchable since the annoying Jonas Brothers aren't in it, but it's not as watchable as the older nick shows. It basically stars these 4 guys who aren't even related, and they're in a band.

I bet you ten bucks that off camera, they're fagots always having foursomes.

It's basically a piece of shit from Nick's ass that they want us to munch on, well WE'RE NOT!

Ironically, the creator also created Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, an actually watchable show on Nick...
Uggh! This show fucking sucks so bad, I can't even write an example. Just watch Big Time Rush on Nick and suffer the consequences!
by therocker6 June 28, 2010
A bunch of retarded gay guys that think they can get girls. Also think skinny jeans fedoras are the height of cool. Enjoy singing about being big superstars even though most peoople don't know their name, and if they even do its for being such cock sucking losers. Destroyed Nickeloden along with the shows True Jackson VP, Neds Declassified School Survial Guide, Drake and Josh, and Zoey 101.
retarded little boy- OMGEEE!! Did you see the new episode of Big Time Rush???? It was AMAZINGGGG!!!!

sensible person-*slaps little boy* don't ever say that again you retarded cocksucker lover.
by peoplewhohateyou August 20, 2010
Teh best thing on TV. Heaven in a show.
Tehy have gay sex too. Because they are just that fucking awesome.
Big Time Rush is fucking beautiful.
by Fuckmeintehbackseat July 19, 2011
The result of Nickelodeon's jealousy toward Disney for the Jonas brothers and the Jonas TV show.
Ever heard of Big Time Rush?

Yeah, basically they're just Jonas brothers wanna-be's, which is a horrible thing to be anyways..
by abcdefghijklmnop4586900 November 01, 2010
A show on Nickelodeon. Now, lets straighten some things out.

1. They aren't gay, they're ACTING.

2. The show IS kinda shitty. (1 point for you guys who think so)

3. The songs are actually not the worst, but not the best either.

4. The dudes are really sexy as fuck, man. I'm sorry, but they truly are.

You can put thumbs down all you want. This is how I see it.
Jamie: What up? U watch Big Time Rush last night?

Farrah: Yeah. The show kinda sucks, the songs aren't bad, but the only reason I even pay attention is because the guys are all sexy.

Jamie and me high five
by watch yo mutha fuckin back!!!! August 11, 2010
Another ridiculous show hosted by the biggest channel for gay kids, Nickelodean. Every single Nick show HAS to be 3 things: teens (which they are trying to show kids so they can be more like them, then everyone laughs at these 12 year olds' asses in school because they want to be like Carly and kiss boys (lol I can imagine that), farts, and animals.

The show itself is pretty terrible if you ask me. They add sound effects and make terrible jokes. Its very boring.

But the band in the other hand, it's not so bad if you think twice. They're songs actually have SOME meaning. Like the "Big Time" song, or the "Wanna Be Famous" song (even though this particular one is incredibly cheesy and annoying). I heard the "City ?is Ours?" song while my sister watches nick, and I have to admit it's actually really catchy lmao.

Band is okay, the show is gay. Nick sucks incredibly huge dick. (That could be a song :D)
Casey: Zomg BTR(big time rush... if you knowwwa) is like the best band ever! And theyre show is so funnnaaayy! ELLL OHH ELLL!!!

Jim: OMG RIGHT? I also love Icarly, Zoey 101, and Icarly, because I LOVE it when they say: "what are you doing?" (automated laughing set to maximum volume) HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH.

by Disney Channel+nick suck my August 24, 2010

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