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Somebody who is wrapped up in their own self importance, or likes to brag about things. Can also mean someone with shallow intentions or goals.
Modern musicians are nothing but a load of big shoes. Spreading messages of prejudice or misogyny to make money.

Well known response by Toots of Toots and Maytals of his opinion of modern Reggae.
by regtangle May 25, 2012

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A male with a large penis.
Oh my! Did you see the dude with the big shoe? His pants are bulging from it.
by Sweet Maple October 21, 2010
Hand-me-down shoes that are abnormally large and tend to be handed down by incoherent norweigan people.
Why are Chris and Mitch always wearing big shoes? You could fit like 8 more feet in there.
by sioux April 08, 2006