something I shitted out my ass the other night.
Boy#1: Dude, whats that smell

Boy#2: bro I just dropped a Big Pun in the toilet. Wait about 45min before you go in there.
by fuckme_No_fuckyou October 15, 2011
A really fat bitch that is hitting on your friend. Also could be that your friend is (or you are) hitting on because he is too drunk to realize that he does not want to be punished by a disgusting fat bitch.
Damn!!! Did you see Johnny out there with big pun. That bitch is huuuuge.
by brewtown mike December 13, 2007
a true sack, shits with the door open and sits at the very front of every strip club. usually has hooker stories.
Big Pun isn't going out tonight. He bought a new sport fucking dvd.
by zuesbeans October 23, 2006
Big Pun was the fourth best rapper of all time. Right behind Jay,Pac, and nas. he was way too underated, that man could shit on anybody. And its fucked up that he died, and was a fat fuck.
Big Pun is the one who started back up latin hip hop, if it wasent for him we would still be listing to some weak ass kid frost and DJ mugs.
by larry June 17, 2006
An insult suggesting one is too fat to move or contribute to society in other ways and is doomed to only produce rap music.
Grandma, put down those Ho-Ho's and quit being a Big Pun or the government will have to pay you disability pretty soon.
by Nick S December 05, 2004
A fat, talentless pig of a "rapper". Had 2, MAYBE, 3 hot songs and then died. People think like he was some sort of legend with that. People act like his death was a tragic one. Yo, he died cause he was a FAT FUCK. Get over it.
Big Pun is idolized by uninformed Puerto Ricans because some of them are ignorant. There were better of your people. This cat was a fat, glutinous, talentless mess. He probably died trying to inhale a burger in one bite...
by FatJoeisgarbage December 09, 2004

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