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A poo that didn't flush.
when you head for a toilet only to find someone has left a poo thats bigger then 'normal' - you feel disgusted, yet hold an element of respect for the owner, and walk away.
by rap November 09, 2003
One of the many childhood euphemisms for shit.
"I need to do a bigjob"
"I've just done a bigjob"
"don't step in the dog's bigjobs!"
by Bakers January 23, 2008
Unusually large fecal matter, often deposited in the toilet causing blockage.
Ahh, that was a big job, had to flush it three times.
by The Asshatter December 17, 2006
A term used to describe a high-ranking and/or well-paid employment position. This terms is usually used by people from the English-speaking Caribbean and Africa.
Mavis finished university and got a big job working for the government.
by RoxTafari October 04, 2010
An mtg phrase that used to be used when something highly improbable happened. Now it has been basterdized, and is used way to much.
Fluctuator beat landstill? Big Job!
by Clavio May 01, 2005
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