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A "big j" is a slang that originated in the 70's to describe a large joint or "j".
Yo spark that big j.
by Big J March 09, 2004
A big ass joint.
Ay man, pass that big j right here.
by TnTbaby December 15, 2008
An affectionate title for a blowjob. A Big J is a "Big Job," Job being short for blowjob.
"Alright, eh, how bout a Big J?"
by Gumballs October 20, 2009
The sexiest beast you've EVER seen, and he's one of the greatest badminton players alive, and above all he is awesome.
D-money:Wow did you check out the way that Big J smashed that cock?
Random Girl:I want to touch his cock
by Jamizzle September 30, 2004
a racial word for "i hate niggers"
he was a big j he was a fucking big j wow he was black
by joeoeeeee June 07, 2007