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Someone who has low standards, and will root anyone or anything. Normally tries to impress people by bullshitting and looking "suave".
Amanda: I'm looking for a root, know anyone?
Anthony: No your ugly. Oh wait, there's always "The Big Easy"
Amanda: Who's that?
Anthony: Chris
by Sebastion March 12, 2004
Refers To The City New Orleans
"I've Been Chillin In The Big Easy"
by DMoney December 04, 2003
is a big person who is easy to be friends with and always has a fun time where ever he goes.People <3 Big Easy. Big Easy is an easy going guy that people always want to be around because hes BIG EASY
Person1: Big Easy made my night!
Person2: How?
Person1: he was fun to be with, was comforting and so lovable
by beasttt93 November 14, 2010
a rather large women that isnt so easy on the eyes, but rather easy to get into bed with.
i hooked up with a big easy last night. i was wasted.
by mike "big time" shuler February 11, 2007