a very fat person who sits on their butt all day and does nothing but make a mess, or a jerk
Mother: can you believe that boy sat home all day and made a mess and didnt bother to clean his mess, he is a big bertha

Friend: UT Uh gurl u needs to get him in check
by Dredre April 29, 2006
noun. big nasty dog-lookin' fat bitch.
Damn, that big bertha bitch is HUGE! :O

Big Bertha a.k.a. BIG BERFA!
by Pachicano1122 June 01, 2011
1. A grossly obese German woman.

2.(plural form) A woman's breasts, particularly if they're rather large breasts.

3. A rather humongous penis.
1a. While I was visiting Germany during Oktoberfest and get drunk all day, I had to put up with this one Big Bertha cheese hog who kept trying to steal and eat all my food.

1b. Why the fuck does my email inbox keep getting spammed with porn sites that feature nothing but Big Berthas in bathhouses engaging in lesbian orgies?

1c. Why just look at that Big Bertha running after the poor ice cream man! 500$ says she'll try to eat him as well!


2. Hey check out those Big Berthas on that babe!


3. The only physical feature that women find attractive about Ron Jeremy is his Big Bertha.
by Mark H August 30, 2004
A BIG Black guy who is always lazying around. Usually a nickname. Yup
I dont fucking know!!
by Usuka m'ballz January 11, 2005
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