A person who always says what time it is.
person A: its 7:45.
person B: thanks for the update, big ben
by aguioeho August 19, 2005
a 3/4 length demin jacket typically issued to inmates of correctional facilities during the winter months; also available in a thin, tan corduroy at some institutions.
Pookie: "Shit cuz, it's cold outside; lem'me grab my Big Ben so'as I don't freeze my nutz off."
by guruerror February 04, 2004
A nickname commonly and undeservingly given to Ben Wallace, #3 on the Detroit Pistons NBA team.
He most likely got this nickname not only because of his size, but also because of his massive, nasty attitude problem.
This attitude problem got Ron Artest into a lot of trouble, and causes fans from other teams all over the country to hate the shit out of him =]
"Did you see that?? Big Ben just spit in loveable, friendly, sweet, 3 time MVP Tim DUncan's face!!"
by jaYyy June 28, 2005
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