A sound that was heard when the hot water heater turned off and the shower water got cold.
by David June 10, 2004
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The very disturbing, way too short set of bangs on an extremely ugly person that make even the strongest human cringe and want to vomit. The most hideous of the Big bang is the permed bang which is of course known by it's medical term the Biggest bang!
Wow did you get a load of that freak over there? Now that's a Big bang if I ever did see one!

Virginia is a perm away from sporting the ever dreaded Biggest bang!
by C. Mike Rack May 19, 2009
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Generally debunked theory of the creation of the universe stating that existence began when matter condensed into a singularity and exploded across the cosmos, somehow forming life.
Since when do explosions create something as complex as a human cell?
by Chaltab March 04, 2005
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A cosmological model for the Universe, describing an event billions of years ago that allowed for the existence of atoms and life. It is commonly misunderstood by ignorant people who think it began at a single point in space, appeared out of nowhere or was an explosion.

The Big Bang actually refers to a point in the Universe when it was extremely dense, but infinitely large. About 13.8 billion years ago, matter in the Universe was much closer together and space was mostly filled with an opaque plasma of light and electrons (the Photon Era). As a result, everything was unimaginably hot, and some scientists think that this heat led objects to move away from each other (hotter things expand).

While there may have been infinite matter, there is even more space through which objects can move apart. This allowed matter to continue moving away from other matter and, as a result of the expansion, the Universe began to cool down. Atoms were able to form and eventually stars and galaxies followed. In essence, one can say the Big Bang occurred everywhere; all matter moved away from each other in the tightly packed Universe.
Ignoramus: the big bang was impossible, matter can't explode from nothing!1!
Scientist: Ugh...
by Pie Stealer September 04, 2016
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