The very disturbing, way too short set of bangs on an extremely ugly person that make even the strongest human cringe and want to vomit. The most hideous of the Big bang is the permed bang which is of course known by it's medical term the Biggest bang!
Wow did you get a load of that freak over there? Now that's a Big bang if I ever did see one!

Virginia is a perm away from sporting the ever dreaded Biggest bang!
by C. Mike Rack May 19, 2009
A gang war between to dinosaurs. Tron the T-Rex, and Marquez the Stegasaurus engaged in what was one of the biggest gang wars of all time. Tron wanted his rock shipment and Marquez did not give it. During this battle, The SpawnofSkeeb was injured in this battle.
The Big Bang was the biggest gang war of all time.
by Pmay0 March 10, 2005
Let's clear things up.
Time is not linear, neither is the expansion of the universe. As the amount of mass in the universe decreases time slows down.
In the big bang theory, the universe was a point of infinitely small and infinitely dense material.The universe started to expand, and as it expanded, time sped up, creating a seeming explosion in the size of the universe, but in reality the expansion rate is relative to the speed of time and the size of the universe. By this logic, time is speeding up as the universe expands.
There is no god, the universe has always been, none of that 6 days bullshit. It was the big bang.
by MuffinsAreFood March 06, 2008
A sound that was heard in the restroom.
I just heard a loud noise in the restroom.
by David June 10, 2004
A quite viable theory that states that the universe was at one point a tiny piece of hot mass. At some point, an unknown factor caused this hot piece of matter to explode, causing our universe to be born. The intense explosion is called the "Big Bang". Evidence for this theory exists in the form of Galactic seperation. This is what happens when galaxies repell away from eachother at extreme speeds. I think this is much more plausible than "a great being was bored one day and decided to create the universe"
Christians tell cosmologists to read the bible for the way the universe was created. Might i remind you that the same book stated that this earth was only 6,000 or so years old.
by Kompressor June 08, 2004
Secret term for sex/losing virginity.
guy: I feel akward talking about the 'you know what' in public.
girl: well...then call it big bang.
by Offlineuser1 January 17, 2009
Generally debunked theory of the creation of the universe stating that existence began when matter condensed into a singularity and exploded across the cosmos, somehow forming life.
Since when do explosions create something as complex as a human cell?
by Chaltab March 04, 2005

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