A scientific theory which describes the history of the universe from a time when the universe was roughly 10^-43 seconds old to billions of years into the future. The Big Bang is the most successful cosmological theory ever conceived for explaining every observation that has been made to date.
The protons that you see around you today are all a product of the Big Bang.
by Jschroed March 02, 2004
The sexual act of oral sex when the male, or female, is eating a female out and suddenly pours a reasonable amount of Pop Rocks into the vagina, thus after licking the candy, the after effect is the sensational pleasure of nonstop crackling.
YO I gave my girl the Big Bang last night and she loved it.

Oh my god girl you wouldn't believe how good that Big Bang felt!

I don't know a lot about the history of how the world was created but he created a whole new world for me with his own Big Bang theory!
by Freckles McGee September 26, 2011
The universe didn't explode out of nothing, stupid. Anyone with half a working brain can reason that the concept of "nothing" is a big fat lie. Scientific evidence points to the theory that the universe we live in is constantly expanding and contracting. In other words, the universe has quite possibly always existed. If you want to be deep and spiritual about it, you could say that the universe (and other universes, or just all of creation) is God Himself. Maybe. How would I know? Nobody knows.
ANYWAY, according to the Big Bang theory, in the "beginning" the universe, ALL of the universe, was a hyper-super-ultra-mega dense ball of stuff. It was SO freakin' dense, it burst and expanded. The universe will continue to expand until it can't anymore, at which point it will begin to contract upon itself, becoming more and more dense, until the whole process must repeat itself again. Forever and ever.
Everything has always existed, but in the "beginning" it was simply travel sized...Until the Big Bang happened.
by Everbound Venvel January 26, 2009
Commonly accepted theory of the beginning of what we know as the universe. Mostly hypothetical in the past, but now has confirmed measurements by a NASA satelite WMAP. Event horizon indicators place a space-time beginning focal point at 13.7 billion years reverse time. It is not understood what the state of pre-energy/matter was or the catalyst to the event, as the pre-state had no observable horizon.
The big-bang was either an anomaly or it was not.
by Guido1 February 06, 2009
In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.
Curious child: "How was the universe created?"
Guy who thinks he knows everything: "The universe was created in the Big Bang, where there was a huge explosion, and all the matter was spread everywhere."
Child: "What exploded?"
Guy: "The universe."
Child: "But then the universe existed, it was just small."
Guy: "Yes."
Child: "Then how was the universe created?"
by Schlangadang October 27, 2006
It's when you're fucking a chick from behind, and right as you're about to blow, you smash a watermelon over her head, yell "BANG" and cum all over the back of her head.
Dude, so last night I gave Patty the Big Bang, it was epic!
by mikami_teru_674 September 09, 2010
The very disturbing, way too short set of bangs on an extremely ugly person that make even the strongest human cringe and want to vomit. The most hideous of the Big bang is the permed bang which is of course known by it's medical term the Biggest bang!
Wow did you get a load of that freak over there? Now that's a Big bang if I ever did see one!

Virginia is a perm away from sporting the ever dreaded Biggest bang!
by C. Mike Rack May 19, 2009
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