a bag of greater than regular size; although lesser than humongous
John: "Boy, that sure is a big-bag"
Ed: "Fuck Yeah it is..."
by Creepy E May 28, 2005
Top Definition
a soundbyte from fruity loops; can be used to replace cool.
when someone says, lets get some food, and you wanna say, cool, say bag; if something is really cool, you say, BIG BAG, and if its REALLY REALLY cool, you say, BIGGA BOOGA BIGGA BIGGA BIG BAG!
by vic.lung September 13, 2004
Ejaculating excessively due to enormous testacles.
Max: Dude, you big bagged in my ass again!
James: Yeah, now you get to mudfall in my hair
by jameslamarcurry February 19, 2008
1. The name of a person with a big bag. 2. A big bag used as a pocketbook or purse, although it looks like a luggage bag 3. Kenna K.
Dang, what a bigbag!!!
by nums April 26, 2007
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