A slothy uncircumcised golf wookie from roslindale, Ma ...... Hes known to date a do-do bird & to indulge in beastiality w. a presa canario.
Yo, Check out that big raping that do-do bird.
by DARYL INGRAM September 15, 2007
The secret Bob Dylan club.

Bob Is God
Secret members of B.I.G. unite!
by Ayn Rand Said So May 06, 2005
A Fake-ass rapper who ain't got shit on my boi Tupac.
Yo fuck that nigga Biggie Smalls. He ain't got shit on my boi Tupac! WU TANG BITCH! WU TANG!
by West Coast Boi Fo Life Nigga August 27, 2005
-Beat It Geek- This term is used when you want someone to either leave you alone, or they are being an overall buzz kill to your personal enjoyment.
Person 1: Dude, this girl will not go away. I even told her I had the clap and she just laughed. What do I do?
Person 2: Tell her to B.I.G.
by Cozhos November 17, 2006
A shortened term used to describe that one is ready to go.
Jake: Hey Joe are you ready to go.

Joe: Big.
by woomaster chong April 23, 2006

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