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Big Skinny / (big skin’ e) / adj./ 1. The World's Thinnest Wallet 2. the most thin. 3. (noun/ slang) insider information; truth, the most important, essential fact(s) or reason(s),

e.g. ''What's the Big Skinny on your hot Bulgarian supermodel friend?" Or, "Don't mess around; just give me the Big Skinny."
by Kiril Stefan Alexandrov October 23, 2006
1)A very skinny girl who tries to have a big friend to heavier people but fails because she is just too skinny.

2)Someone that is so skinny that they appear big due to their stretched out vertical nature.
"Look at that girl who is trying to be nice to that fat boy. She is a big skinny"


Wow i thought she was like 150lb, but i guess shes just a big skinny.
by jeff January 20, 2004
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