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The theory that proves that 96% of all women that wear big 60's style sunglasses trying to look like M.K Olsen or Nicole Richie; are in fact ugly ass horse faces. These woman wear these " vintage knockoff" glasses in order to cover up the hidden horse face. As for the remaining percent, 3% are the women who are actually stunningly gorgeous and their glasses are either Fendi or Dior, and the remaining 1% are the fag ass dudes wearing purple/yellow scarves and grey cheap mondays who were never cool in highschool and still aren't cool.

1. dave-"yoh bro, check out that broad ore' there with the huge shades!"
shad- " no man, think about the Big Shades Theory that Kent taught us, she is totally a horse face."

2. dave- " yoh bro, check out that dude with the big shades. what a stunner douche."
steve- " yeah, what a douche, check out his sweet tapered cheap mondays though, never seen those before..."
by Lenny Marshall December 01, 2008
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