The Beholder of Ever so Great Man Juices!
LeLe: G'on put your finger in my butt Big Sexy!
by LeLe September 14, 2004
Top Definition
A large, well dressed and well groomed woman who, while weighing well in excess of a healthy weight, also exudes sexuality.

Co-Worker No. 1: Did you see Valerie today?

Co-Worker No. 2: Oh man, she looks fine. She is Big Sexy.
#sexy #fat #woman #large #hot
by Shakespeare My Butt December 27, 2005
To be sexy in a big way, not just physically but in any way that is aesthetically pleasing
"You be looking big sexy with your new outfit"
#sexy #hot #ugly #big sexayy #grand
by jblazi December 01, 2009
An organization of big and sexy men.
Damn Tanner is in the Big Sexy Organization since when?
#big #sexy #overweight #fuckable #damn near amazing
by thaddumms June 01, 2009
The Biggest Man On The Radio In Charlotte... Every Night 7 PM Till 2 AM on 103.7 WSOC... He's Big Now... Sexy After A Few Drinks...
I Listen To Big Sexy Every Night For My Country Music...
#big country #big #sexy #country music #hot man #charlotte
by Kyle Joow February 19, 2010
One who thinks he is cool, because all the girls hang out with him , yet he doesnt realize that they think he is of the homosexual persuasion.
Lee, or should i say "big sexy" ? haha man u gotta stop thinking the girls hug you because they think ur cool, they think you're gay ...
by The Vivacious Shizzlemah February 06, 2004
A single, impotent, meaty breasted failure who enjoys playing the trumpet and dining with his fat family.
Big sexy has sorry dough eyes and a new Olypia Sports Tshirt
by Ryan + Jeff March 15, 2004
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