The term, Big Nose, is most often applied to someone who accidentally compares their nose to Ron Jeremy's nose, and is forever reminded of the event through jokes about the size of their nose.
"Hey, Big Nose, wait is that obese child doing on your face? Oh wait that's your nose! Oh snap!"
by Capronicus January 08, 2009
Top Definition
Skeeter's lil brother told Doug that he was "Big Nose Big Nose"
(sketter's lil bro) big nose big nose!!
by Diana August 11, 2004
the act of being nosy, often used by Native Americans.
Destiny just flat being a big nose.
by TheCantonCock December 18, 2014
Chinese pejorative term for a caucasian person, particularly an American.
Look at bignose over there - he doesn't even know that we're talking about him.
by Rod Brock May 14, 2006
One who's Penis is smaller then one's nose.
he's got a big nose. Really meaning small dicked boy
by Mckenzie March 20, 2005
When a guy goes down on you and it tickles your clit while he breathes
"I got Big Nosed last night!"
by The Assistant for my friends August 19, 2011
When your Jeep gets rammed by a rino on the highway.
Stupid Moronic Rhino's!!
by Squeky Clean February 03, 2005
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