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What most critics say to be the Best Video Game of All Time.

It's fun. And that's what matters. So what if the graphics aren't the best? So what if the plot line isn't the best? So what if the driving technology isn't the best? It has still be named the best game of all time, by many a person.
(Guy #1 is smart, Guy #2 hates the game "Big Mutha Truckers")

Guy #1: I'm playing the best game right now.
Guy #2 (who stops " slapping the salami " to a "w0w " orc, not that there's anything wrong with w0w, but masturbating to it deserves the D-Bag Award): You mean Kirby's Sexual Adventure, right?
Guy #1: Nope, Big Mutha Truckers.
by fgbm27 February 22, 2007