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The world's coolest town. Located in Big Lake, Minnesota. Hookers are free, legal, std free, and all virgins(male or female). If you're looking to escape the boredom and atrocity of Las Vegas... look no further Big Lake has it all! Free fighter jet lessons. Naval war battles (live). Oh, don't forget the hourly orgy in town.. and if you miss it.. it's live on the local public tv station!
You: Wanna go to vegas man?

Smarter guy than you:Fuck vegas, let's get laid!

You(now smarter):Big Lake it is Bro.
by Bob Daleson October 20, 2008
A small town in Minnesota. It is very boring and void of diversity. 97% of the population is white. Most are catholic. There's a McDonald's, Coborns, and that's about it. Not the best place to live.
Charlie: Hey man lets go to Big Lake!

Willus: Nah, all they have is a freakin McDonald's, and I hear they're really racist.

Charlie: Oh. . . that sucks.
by Cornel Wallintut February 01, 2011
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