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Any van larger than a "soccer mom" car can be called a "big jesus". The term alludes to such 4 row vans used by travelling church groups, which can seat around 8-10 people at maximum capacity. (These types of cars are also often used by campers and carpoolers.)

The term can be used as a size and appearance description with or without implication. A noncommittal use of the term in reference to one's own (or a friend's/family's) car can constitute the term as more of a pet name than sarcastic or mocking. However the term can easily be darkly mocking, mildly to moderately sarcastic and passive aggressive- a common implication being that that the speaker has a dislike or little patience for organized religions and their public visibility of character and/or influence common in areas like the American bible belt.
1: Person A- "Did you get stuck riding in the big jesus to the feild trip?"

Person B- "Ya, I was herded in with a bunch of other people."

2: Person A- "Mom's going to pick us up in big jesus."

Person B- "Ok."

3: (In a parking lot) Person A- "Yikes, look, it's a big jesus."

Person B- "Weirdos, freaks and bigots, oh my!"

Person A- "Hahaha, too true."
by Cheschyr July 12, 2010
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