Noun: Thighs like Beyonce- Beyonce Thighs.
"Did you hear Gaby has been toning her thighs?"
"Yeah, she has a fine set of bighs now."

"All I want are some bighs. Why can't I just have one nice thing?"
by Beyonce Wannabe July 22, 2013
Because I Got High or But I Got High
"I didn't finish my paper BIGH."

"Was gonna wash the dishes BIGH instead."
by Ma_Asianstonergirl September 07, 2011
A big white male with great skills in the art of women. The big guy in a group. The first one to throw down in a fight. The right hand man of a generella.
he beat his ass proper and then took his girl home. He pulled a Big H.
by richie romance January 04, 2011
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