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A REALLY big spider with the seeming propensity to shred you tip to stern. When such spider walks, you can feel the fear through your feet, and the vibrations that it makes running after your ass. If you see one of these, you have one of 3 options.

-Get Eaten
-Start Praying
"Hey Jack, where did matt go?"
"I dont know for sure, but that really big fucking spider over there with a leg sticking out of its mouth sure looks suspicious..."
by Sebas S February 10, 2007
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a big fucking spider, in summary, you are able to hear the damn footsteps on your wood floors, and somehow it is breathing and you can hear it.
Yo dawg i just saw a big fucking spider.

Did you kill it?

Nah, it was too big

Well, it may have stolen your car on the way out.
by fuckmemoment July 01, 2010

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