24 hour truck stop located in Fergus Falls MN. The single best place to go stuff your gut at 3 in the morning after a long nite of boozing. Thier specialty is the Viking Burger made of 100% Buffalo meat.
Dude, I am so freaking hungry! Lets see if the Slouse will drive us to Big Chief. I will tear up some biscuits & gravy for real!
by Bubba Schindler May 13, 2008
Top Definition
1.) Chicago radio legend, famous for striking a pig in an automobile on the Skyway (located on Chicago's Southeast Side), getting his homeboy's Billy Lawrence's pittbull drunk off Hypnotic and Boone's Farm, as well as getting into mischief with his crew (Fast Eddie, Billy Lawrence, Chili Davis, The Duke, and Matches).

2.) private plane ridin, fifth drinkin, gun slingin, .45 totin, ho bangin, coke snortin, dro blowin, keg pumpin, Timbo stompin, Indo puffin, Jager bombin, bow throwin, bar fightin, chicken wing eatin, Bentley drivin, rim spinnin, weight liftin, pass blockin, bass thumpin, money lovin son of a bitch!
1.) I heard Big Chief on the radio tonight! Him and his crazy crew sound so sexy.

2.) When I grow up, I want to have a lifestyle just like that OG Big Chief.
by Big Chief June 24, 2004
A 24 hour greasy spoon truck stop diner. The best place to go eat at 3 in the morning after a long nite of getting sloshed.
Dude, I am so hungry. Lets look in the couch for change and head for the Big Chief! I will tear up some biscuits and gravy for real!
by Bubba Schindler May 16, 2008
A phat fool full of fun and all kinds of crazy shit. The kind of guy that I would marry if I was a Gay Fag. I would even let him bang my daughter. Hells ya!
Big Chief was on cops for animal cruelty (humping a camel and killed a deer in the projects over a card game.)
by Rat Man June 28, 2004
A code word used amongst habitual Marijuana smokers to describe having a session of smoking while being undetected by those around him or her.
"Hey, what are you doing later? Let's play Big Chief."
by SoCalLife February 09, 2007
The act of defacing someone while they are passed out. You take a shit, get a bit on your hands, and give the passed out person a big chief by drawing indian warpaint designs on their face with the shit.
"Hey man what the fuck?, there is shit on my face painted into a sun, and strips under my eyes."

"Yeah dude, I gave you the big chief"
by Sneaky Blasko April 19, 2008
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