This book will bring you to the path of a happy destiny as long as you follow the steps. A good place to hide "anything" from a drunk. Has stories that provide good bedtime reading. THE book of AA.
"The 12 steps of AA are outlined in the Big Book"
by pinkcat November 29, 2005
Top Definition
The "bible" of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The book which is actually entitled simply "Alcoholic Anonymous," was written by Bill W., a New York stockbroker, after founding the group with Dr. Bob in a kitchen in Akron, Ohio.

Contains many first person accounts in narrative form of battles with the "cunning and baffling" drink. These narratives are replaced and updated with more contemporary drunkalogues periodically by the bureaucracy controlled from AA World Service Office (WSO) in New York City.
"I'm going to a Big Book study meeting tonight, as part of my 90 in 90."
by Twelve-Step slang October 24, 2004
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