A tall, african woman who has 12 names.
Person 1: "Yo Big Black, what up??"
Big Black: "My name is Eunice!!!"
Person 1: "Sounds good Big Black! TTYL!!!"
by Evangelius Alexander XIII September 08, 2011
Top Definition
Influential Punk Rock/Noise Rock band from Evanston, Il (a small city/community bordering Chicago to the North). Lasted from 1981-1987, released the two albums "Atomizer" and "Songs about Fucking". Often considered fathers of Industrial Rock. Noted for featuring Steve Albini.
Big Black are the 2nd best band from Chicago, losing the top spot only to Ministry.
by GaaraoftheDamned October 18, 2011
An African-American man of large build.
I'm suing Pizza Hut because they put BIGBLACK on my receipt instead of my name! Yeah, sure, I'm a big black guy, but I will still sue because I'm insecure!
by Anonymous938743 October 31, 2010
1. The greatest band ever.

There are a lot of good bands, but none surpass the talent that was Big Black.
by Me March 02, 2003
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