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A condition where one's ass is too big, creating a small waist line. It is known to make it impossible for one to find jeans that don't fall down and expose the ass crack. Some people believe it to be tacky and avoidable, but it tends to be quite frustrating for those who experience it.
I appears that I have Big Ass Syndrome and should invest in a belt.
by Acura13 November 16, 2011
A tendency for the gluteus to be ever there.

Abbreviated B.A.S

See Also: Jumpulous
Patient: Doctor B I'm having difficulty fitting into my jeans.

Doctor B: I'm afraid you have a severe case of

B.A.S. Very advanced, the best I've ever seen!

Patient: B.A.S.?! OMG Doctor, what is that?!

(big ass syndrome)
by Jpizzlethebyrd May 22, 2010
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