A person who makes "rip offs" of other products that are usually cheeper and less attractive.
Mike: hey man, did you get your ps3?
John: No, it was slighty cheaper to buy Big Al's Super fun Game Console
by Shane Danbert January 16, 2007
A character found in the pans, mainly associated with a jordan ;-)
A sick sick bastard of a man called Big Al mainly found in his bed pummeling himself
by Denisa Bradley May 19, 2008
Bigal (bee-gal)

This word is a slang combintation of two words, "bitch" and "gal". A "bigal" is a girl that consists of atleast 2 of the following characteristics: bitchy, complaining, slutty, flirty, barbie-ish, back-stabbing, cruel, loves to publically humiliate people, prideful, vein, and anything else that makes you hate her.
1. Did you hear how Kaycee slept with Ashley's boyfriend and Jessica's boyfriend at the same time?
What a Bigal!

2. Oh my gosh! Amanda thinks she is so damn gorgeous and she isn't yet she gets all the guys!
What a Bigal!
by Nicolethe14 February 17, 2006
Imminently balding warlord. Leaves his charisma and rampant sexual desires locked behind closed doors, but hangs his big balls dangling out there for all to see. Mess him about, he'll kill you. But just as likely to go halfs with you on a ham and pineapple pizza.
Are they tight trousers or does he have bollocks like Big Al?
by Tiffany Carlisle June 22, 2006
big ginger guy, hung like a horse, bangs like a jackhammer, loves dvda, and is famous for having a biswang on live tv!!
my god, i saw big al yesterday, man id luv to shag him!
by Big Biswanger June 17, 2004
aka ladies man, a guy who is extreamly fat and is a big hit with the ladies could be called a fag box.
see big al yesty he sure was in with the ladies.
by mita wat December 21, 2005
Big lad who can talk the talk but can't walk the walk full of shit
Oh my god that kids a big al
by BigLadAlfie August 19, 2016
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