Alternative term for spliff, along with joint and doobie.

Weed rolled in a king skin or single skin, can be coupled with tobacco.
Dude, Im so high, want another Bifty??

Thats some amazing Bifty.
by NuclearMeercat June 16, 2009
Top Definition
Plural for Spliff, Joint, Doobie or Reefer. (Not used for blunt). Singular Bifty or Biftie (not really used singularly).
Spark up those bifties.
I need some bifties tonight.
by bifties April 12, 2013
A person attempting to give off the air of a member of the upper classes, when it's known by all in the vicinity that you are in fact just the same as your fellow man.
Jamie, why are you wearing a wax jacket and carrying a shotgun, we're at a football match. You fucking bifty.
by Bifty McBifBif November 26, 2010
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