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a word used instead of things like gutted, merked etc...
wheyyy you got totally bifted
by Razer349 December 21, 2009
Under the influence of marijuana particularly or, more generally, other recreational drugs.
'Does your dealer do good gear?'
'Fuck yeah! After, like, a couple of tokes you're totally bifted'
by Bill December 04, 2003
Messed up; jacked up; skidded

Commonly used as "bifted up" or "bifted on". Present tense is "bift"
Person: *rips paper* "dang I bifted up my paper"

Person: *falls on face*
Me: "did you see that? He just bifted on his face."

Me: "Don't bift up the project"
by saywhatt September 18, 2013
Snowboarding Term:
Wipe Out; Fall; Loose control
"You totally Bifted on that last jump"
by BeastieBoy712 May 05, 2003
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