Silent, but intentional fart.
Sum nigga dun biffled in my Cadillac!
by Matt Dawg July 10, 2005
its like baffled just thats what black men say vs. us white men.....
yo nigga' wez gots biffled yesturday on dat quizaz! Straight Up!
by Dr. Fatz February 02, 2004
Best friend/s for like ever

Best friend/s for life

One of the best things you can be and one of the loveliest things to have
Just an elongated complicated word for best friends
Ce-Ce and Sofie are my biffles, as are Anya and Issy 👭

Esther- Are you free to go to boringland tomoz?
Scarlet-Nilp, I'm going to Costa with ma biffles

Esther-Oh shit
by ✌️Littlefiendsusan13✌️ December 27, 2014

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