'Biffles' is short for "best friends for life".

Contrary to popular opinion, biffles can in fact become more than friends and still be biffles.
Even though my biffle and I got married, we're still biffles :)
by 1L Bhallu February 17, 2010
Fleece or yarn made from the fleece of a BlueFaced Leicester sheep. Highly sought after for spinning and knitting. Biffle is known for its softness, warmth and light weight compared to some other wools.
The beautiful biffle yarn I just purchased will make a great pair of mittens.
by kmurfery March 23, 2013
BFFL with vowels
Best Friends for life
Mandee is my biffle
by Joanne277 February 13, 2009
Better than Best Friendssss.
PHOTIZZLE && CEVANDY are biffles.
by uwissh December 13, 2009
best friends, comes from BFFL(best friends for life)
Cassie and Kerry
by Travis Austin Doering February 04, 2004
French word. Is to put a slap with his dick
Laurent : Ce matin j'ai réveillé ma copine en lui mettant une biffle !
by nfast July 13, 2011
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