Someone who is a very fat person, mainly a woman.
see that girl over there, she's a right biffa!
by skills101 January 28, 2008
A short and to the point definition of someone who has an unattractive personality and/or is ugly,


think they are or think they are perceived to be very good looking.

a person who is both not a very nice person and painful to look at.
She is such a biffa,
Ouch!! watch out theres a biffa over there!
by mattwill December 18, 2007
1. A commercial wheely bin seen outside many shops and offices in the uk.

2. A fat girl you shagged on holiday. AKA biffer.
1. I pushed Ted into the Biffa on his way home from work.

2. Bob: I'm going to Ibiza
Ted: Mind you don't pick up a Biffa
by feedmecake May 23, 2005
"Biffa" started off as a school nickname given to a teacher by several witty students. Other meanings include:

1. An insult shouted to someone in a humourus accent.
2. A word shouted when angry.
3. A "Biffa-ripping" shortened to (bipping) occurs when some one has been made to look extremley foolish.
1. "BIFFA"
2. "Awww Biffa!"
by Martin Heward September 15, 2004
Someone whis is crap, thick, stupid an idiot. Basically use it to replace any word you feel like.
You complete Biffa!
Jog on Biffa boy
by George Elokobi October 17, 2010
also said as biff. an insult to say oh god that is crap or a word to replace a swearword
oh biff
you biffa
by insitiona December 08, 2003
a person who is a wanker
don't be a biffa
by tom December 13, 2003
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