To fall, very painfully.
Dude, I just biffed so f'n hard, look at my ass.
by xlxjackelxlx March 03, 2011
Biff - Brotha id fight for
-fck is good with that niqqa?
--- fuckup thats my biff
- ur what??
-- biff niiqqa ," brotha id fight for"

sos^ sosity^ bx^
by SO$ity October 16, 2010
1. (noun) A man that is allergic to shoes, and thus requires allergy shots. Also, Biff's are notorious for low-nil-card-sliding and the accompanying facial expression of contempt for their competitors.
2. (verb) When going nil in Spades, the act of sliding a low card under all other cards of a trick, while simultaneously delivering a countenance of haughty contempt.
Damn, Biff's about to make nil with his shoes on and everything. Did you see when he Biffed that last trick?
by XPizzle June 19, 2008
To cum into the eyeball of another.
Sorry babe, but I thought it would be funny to biff and knock out your eye : /
by Vicz0t teh pwnz0r September 07, 2006
the act of love making(shaggin)
"jesus look at the tits on that, shes well worth a biffin"
by biff March 22, 2003
An unexpected force that catches you by surprise thus, it is unexpected.
Batman biff a man on a boat in the old movie, kind of like POW or SMACK.
by faceplantofthebiff May 03, 2010
To the Longboarding community including a wide range of longboarders such as the hippie longboarder, to biff is to lose control of your longboard and fall off causing physical damage to one's self. Biff or 'Biffing' also relates to eating the pavement where one who falls off their longboard hits the ground face first, usually hitting their mouth on a concrete or paved surface (not to be confused with curb stomping).
I totally biffed on my longboard and took a mouthful of concrete.
by JohnnytheFLASH May 02, 2010

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