A word short for "Bitch-face." Usually used when someone is being whiny or just plain dumb.
Man, Trey was being such a Biff when he kept complaining about not getting a bed to himself at the hotel.
by LassJessie September 09, 2012
Spliff, cannabis cigarette, joint, doobie etc etc
Let just sit here and smoke a massive biff.

Smoking that biff was a poor idea before work.
by AlexHag November 24, 2006
1. synonym for "beef" or "problem/issue"
What's your biff man?
by tokenLoser December 03, 2013
A really fuckin' stupid person.
That kid we met earlier, was he mentally retarted or was he just Biff?
by Joseph Poon August 22, 2003
Something that is really cool, something awesome and stellar
Whoa that movie was so biff!
How are u doing?, im doing pretty biff!
by Biff12345678 May 11, 2012
Bad Idea(s) For Fun.
Well that was a BIFF.
by xavieridesbmx November 30, 2011
To fall, very painfully.
Dude, I just biffed so f'n hard, look at my ass.
by xlxjackelxlx March 03, 2011

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