Noun. Person, usually of the male gender, displaying traits of pop-collardness, land rover discoveryness (in some cases Jeep Liberty), plaid shortsness, and rainbow sandleness. Biffs can survive solely on their parents' credit card and starbucks coffee. A biff can easily be spotted in the winter months displaying its overpriced ski gear and drinking a latte, while simultaneously challenging twelve year old girls to a race down the mogul run of the most well observed section of the ski resort.
While entering the lift line, I noticed a group of biffs discussing the price of their designer sunglasses.

The party was packed with biffs. It was Biff Central Station.
by ballsagna April 27, 2007
It is the large upper area above the vagina/pussy with excees fat filling.
Dude, that lady walking down the street has a big ole biff
by Garon Douglas April 21, 2007
Slang term for cigarette, popular in areas including but not restricted to Wigan. Has also been to known to refer to joints or spliffs amongst less-well-informed members of society, such as cockneys.
"You got a spare biff?"
"There is no such thing as a spare biff."
by Peter Vancouver November 01, 2006
The Bit between your balls and your bum!
(Medical Term-Perineum)
Its a hot day, your wearing jeans and your sweating 'God my biff is well chaffed'.
by Dee Magennis April 23, 2005
A socially acceptable way to call someone retarded. Referencing Spina bifida
When that guy lit his fart on fire. That was totally Biff!
by reduxx January 12, 2011
To be idle, comes from Big Idle Fat Fucker
Stop being a Biff, Im gong to Biff out now,
by Hireath November 20, 2008
In London, England a biff is to have long hair, wen a guy who normally shaves his head starts to get bushy hair, meaning he hasnt had a haircut in a while.
Im startin to get a biff.
Allow that biff.
by Robzsz December 29, 2005
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