n. An oafish character
Hey, look at that biff over there.

My Brother is a complete biff.
by Exploding Boy February 09, 2003
To break wind
That biff smelt nasty
by James October 23, 2003
the act of love making(shaggin)
"jesus look at the tits on that, shes well worth a biffin"
by biff March 22, 2003
1. To have sexual intercourses with another creature; usually human

2. To masterbate

3. To ejaculate
1. "Max biffed katie last night; its not awkward at all"

2. "I just biffed one out"

3. "Apparently billy biffed all over his face."
by Max Mather December 14, 2010
A scouse way of saying, 'cigarette'
Come 'ed lad, let's go outside fora biff
by trolleyman2 November 06, 2010
To have sex with someone. The act of biffing, to be or to be biffed.
"I'd really like to biff lucy, she's very fit."


"I biffed steve's mum last night!"
by FTH1865 November 11, 2009
it means ANYTHING
to throw something
biff u u biffin biff!!

he biffed the ball into my face

the biffin person biffed it at my biff

see it means anything: $576-biff
by aisney April 05, 2008
Weird cool also used to describe someones white guy afro
dude rollercoaster tycoon is so biff
by Luke rfdshgfdjhhgjk March 15, 2008

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