n. An oafish character
Hey, look at that biff over there.

My Brother is a complete biff.
by Exploding Boy February 09, 2003
A word short for "Bitch-face." Usually used when someone is being whiny or just plain dumb.
Man, Trey was being such a Biff when he kept complaining about not getting a bed to himself at the hotel.
by LassJessie September 09, 2012
Bad Idea(s) For Fun.
Well that was a BIFF.
by xavieridesbmx November 30, 2011
To the Longboarding community including a wide range of longboarders such as the hippie longboarder, to biff is to lose control of your longboard and fall off causing physical damage to one's self. Biff or 'Biffing' also relates to eating the pavement where one who falls off their longboard hits the ground face first, usually hitting their mouth on a concrete or paved surface (not to be confused with curb stomping).
I totally biffed on my longboard and took a mouthful of concrete.
by JohnnytheFLASH May 02, 2010
1. a biff is someone who thinks they are really good at everything but in reality, they are actualy quite shit at life

2. in plain english, a fucking retared and mass produced waste of human seed
Tom : hay man you alright
Aaron:yer im good cheers
Tom :ah mate, i was working in kfc earlier and this fucking biff strolled in and orderd practicaly the whole menu
Aaron: what a biff
by xazarac November 25, 2009
Adjective describing a person of the upmost idiocracy. Biff is commonly used when such titles as Jackass, Retard, and Douchebag are not quite enough to describe a person. It is also commonly used to describe epic failure or defeat.

It may also be used to describe distinct personailty traits and physical features.(persistant look of confusion on ones face, excessive confidence, and a near identical cologne choice to that of Conway Twiddy)
Did you see how Biffy that guy was, he has a problem....he needs help

Lets get the Biff out of here.

You son of a Biff!

What the Biff is that?
by aaaa2222 November 12, 2009
A word used commonly in Wales in the UK.
Another word to use aswell as Joint, Spliff, Doobie ect.
a Biff is a cigarette rolled with king skins, tobacco and Cannabis.
Kristian - "James Make a Biff en"
James - "I Just made one ell of a Biff"
by Metal Mends. June 07, 2009
To Smoke a Blunt or any marijuana filled papers.
Let's go biff a beelow
by Nyko April 18, 2007
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