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n. An oafish character
Hey, look at that biff over there.

My Brother is a complete biff.
by Exploding Boy February 09, 2003
v. To mess something up, specifically a physical activity.
I was coming down the mountain on my snowboard when I biffed.
by The Grammar Nazi December 03, 2001
A term used to describe:
1. The action of hitting something or knocking something over.

2. A holder for your weed. Usually a folded-in-half small booklet; i.e: a game manual. Also acts as somewhere to hand break your greens. *Also known as a Biffer, called biff for short.
- "Dude pass me the biff²!"
- "You biffed¹ the biff²!" (You knocked over the weed holder!)
- "I biffed¹ him in the face good!"
- Throw in on the biff²!
by 709944RepresentBah December 09, 2012
To lob, throw or transport an object to a location.
Gat - "Biff the grenade over there for a primo frag!"
by GatQuotes December 28, 2011
a womans naughty area aka pussy, fanny and so on
To girl: Show us ya biff!!!

Dude i slip her one in the biff last nite
by Gibb, The one and only November 11, 2006
Someone who makes many mistakes or whom is socially inferior.
"Danny why did you lick that women? You're such a biff!"
by DARK LORD BIFF March 31, 2014
1. synonym for "beef" or "problem/issue"
What's your biff man?
by tokenLoser December 03, 2013
A word short for "Bitch-face." Usually used when someone is being whiny or just plain dumb.
Man, Trey was being such a Biff when he kept complaining about not getting a bed to himself at the hotel.
by LassJessie September 09, 2012